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Monday Morning

The little kids were dragging a bit this morning after their first week of school. I think we all kinda were. Could have used one more day.

Today I am rounding up and printing some pics from 2011. It’s a random year but it’s one that I had done a lot with Project Life and I realized that I wanted to fill in the gaps and get that year knocked out.

Because my kids don’t look like this anymore


And because I want to remember.

Before I forget.

Happy Monday.

Week in the life

I decided to follow along with the week in the life with Ali Edwards (at the last minute). I’m glad I did. It was fun to get down random bits and pieces of our life over the course of the week. I knew I wouldn’t be able to blog everyday so I am doing it all in one post!

I used my iPhone mostly but I tried to pick up my big camera about midway through. I also started on Monday instead of Sunday.

Here we go.


A lot of my mornings start on the trail

Ok so I decided to jump in after seeing the fun @funnelcloudrach is having with this week in the life.  Plus this is a going to be a big week at 470.  So I'm joining @aliedwards for this challenge.  8/17/15  8:30am where I start most of my days.  Feel so

It’s my place to go and think and plan and de-stress. I am thankful it is so close to my house.

School had not started yet so this dude was still sleeping late. This was noonish bagel run in the Jeep, soaking up some sun and listening to some Foo Fighters

A bagel run since he just got up.  Soaking up the sun in the Jeep listening to some Foo Fighters.  8/17/15 12:30 #weekinthelife

I had some library books that I had reserved so I picked them up. I am doing a reading challenge on Good Reads. Are you on there? If so find me!

The books I reserved are in. :) I love the library! 8/17/15 1:30pm.  #weekinthelife

Cole and I sat on the porch and watched it pour rain

Next thing you know it's a monsoon outside.  Cleaners are here, Austins at practice, Blake has friends in basement and this guy is fighting with his sister.  Well she's fighting with everyone... #weekinthelife 8/17/15  3:30pm.

Eva was having a meds free day so I could get her to eat. It was up and down.

Today we skipped the ADHD meds so she would eat- as much as I love how the meds help her the downside is she won't eat.  Not gonna lie- when we skip the meds the days can be a bit challenging.  So we are sending @akennemer to Kindergarten orientation whil

Later when her body calmed down she came to me for snuggles. That’s the fave part of my day:)

My fave time of day.  When her body settles and she comes to me to snuggle. #weekinthelife  8/17/15  8pm


Last day of sleeping in for the kiddos and I am enjoying a quiet house before I hit the gym.  Also enjoying a big mug of coffee while reading up on the books put together for @heidiswapp son.  It is both extremely sad and incredibly heartwarming at the sa

The last day before school started. I was up while the kids slept, reading blogs drinking coffee. Loved this post on Becky Higgins blog about doing these books for Heidi Swapps son. So heartbreaking and so heartwarming at the same time. Depression is real. A reminder of why we take pictures, why we get stories down. It’s so important.

Hit the gym after that and then picked up Blake at Drivers Ed. I was 30 minutes late. Oops.

Next up grocery store for lunches. Cole tagged along to make sure I bought good (bad) stuff.

He doesn't trust what I will buy for school lunches so he is supervising  #weekinthelife 8/18/15  12:27pm

This dog…

He has been in time out 3 times today #weekinthelife

The girly was nervous about her first day of school. A long bath and snuggles from Dad helped

And that my friends is the end of the line.  Tomorrow is the first time in 18 years I will be kid free for more than 3 hours.  #weekinthelife


First day of school!


These two were the first out the door- the older boys had a late start. Kindergarten and 6th grade.


Next up older boys- Senior and Sophmore


They are such goofballs. Hudson tried to follow them to school.

But then came in and crashed while I worked.

It's exhausting being a naughty dog #Hudson

Austin has a break in the middle of the day when he will be taking some classes at Ohio State but since they have not started yet he came home and read on the porch.

Somehow I have only one kid in school right now.  @austin.kennemer doesn't have many morning classes and claimed the fave reading spot on the back porch.  Eva has staggered start so no school for her today and Blake has a dentist appointment ... So much f

When I looked in Austin room and saw it was a huge mess I was frustrated but then I realized that this time next year he won’t be in it:(


I’m not going to miss the stinky running shoes and clothes that are ALWAYS on his bathroom floor.

We snuggled up that night and talked about her day. She had a great time

Seriously didn't think I would make it this far in the #weekinthelife group but here we are mid week... This girl rocked her first day of Kindergarten and to say I am relieved would be a huge understatement.  Let's just hope it continues!  8/19/15


Eva did not have school (they did a staggered start) so we went to the zoo.

When @austin.kennemer was little he would pitch a HUGE fit if he didn't get the ONE horse on the carousel that had a fancy gold shield. ???? He claims he doesn't remember this....I do.  #weekinthelife 8/20/15. Thank god she's not picky.

When Austin was little he always had to ride one particular horse and if he didn’t get it he would pitch a HUGE fit. Thankfully she is not so picky!

It freaking kills me to spend $15 for this but she begged and she is the only one out of 4 that would actually allow her face to be painted, and this was prob our last trip to the zoo (except for winter zoo lights) so I caved. #weekinthelife

Cole and friends played lacrosse with the dogs in the backyard- this was a win-win.


Tired dog. Messy kitchen


She was hungry


Austin doesn’t like to wear shirts. And more messy kitchen


Snapchatting Blake’s friends. I don’t get it.

This dog is so bad.  Cute, but bad.  @blake.kennemer tried to teach me about snapchat tonight.  Still don't get it....#weekinthelife


Back on the trail

And we're off #weekinthelife

Came home to this

I guess he got hungry while I was gone #weekinthelife #Hudson

I lectured him about being a bad dog. His response

His response to yet another "why can't you be a good dog" lecture  #Hudson

Eva and I worked on Project Life

My #projectlife helper.  #weekinthelife



Didn’t take many pics on Friday during the day- we busy running errands. After school Cole had a swim party but played with Hudson for a while first


I love this pic


That night we went to a double birthday party for some friends but stopped in to see these little babies. 11 little Golden pups.

That Face!!! #golden

SATURDAYNot many pics on this day either. It was a lazy day for me reading on the porch while Andy did yard work.

At one point I looked out and Hudson was on the trampoline. Not sure why.

Why are you on the trampoline??? And thanks for ripping the net loser. #Hudson

He ripped the net:(

I am going to add Sunday in here as well. Cole had a paintball birthday party to go to and Andy and I did yard work. Eva started her first day of gymnastics.

1st day of gymnastics ❤️

That evening we had the back to school bash at school


And then walked back home to get ready to start another week


Elizabeths - This was really enjoyable. I love reading your blog :)

Jen B - I’ve never done Week in the Life myself but I always enjoy seeing everyone else’s :-) You got lots of great pics ~ Eva’s smile with the face painting is adorable and contagious!

Hannah - Love the back to school pictures and really love that Eva is doing great with school!

I cracked up at Hudson on the trampoline…I’m glad his behavior classes worked so well for him 😉 Buddy is awful most of the time too. He only listens to Greg most of the time.

Susan/Gramma - Especially fun to see since we are so far away.

Amy Jo - Eva is so beautiful in her new glasses! Thanks for sharing your week

Iphone pics

I take so many pics with my iPhone and I realized that I have not been posting them on the blog.

I downloaded a collage app that will hopefully make it easier to add them more often. So here we go

Hudson loves to swim. LOVES it. And this makes me happy. Our last Golden didn’t like to swim.


Austin got into a program at Ohio State that allows him to take classes there his Senior year of High School.


Our summer was filled with lots of every day moments.


The red Jeep died so we got a new one


If there is a ball on the ground Hud will bug you non-stop so the kids hide them up high.


Cousin Camp was so much fun



Austin went to the lake with friends and we celebrated the 4th


There was a week where only these two were around.


Austin went to Florida with a friends family and the girlfriends got to go too.


I finally got Eva into the eye doctor and sure enough, she’s blind as a bat


We had a lot of rain and spent a lot of time on the porch. Blake got the best score in his drivers ed class and got a cool balloon hat


More random moments




Cole went to Hidden Hollow camp just like his bros before him. Got a call that they thought he had a concussion. He didn’t.


More cousin camp- out of order:)




A day at the lake


A letter from Cole from camp


More randoms


Blake got into this Fiat and couldn’t get back out


Austin getting his sports physical and a few extra shots. He got captain of the Cross Country team.:)


Hannah - The collage app makes it easier, but I’m so obsessive that I won’t use it because then it stores both the pictures and the apps on my phone and I can’t ever bring myself to delete anything. Mama has issues. :)

I’ve taken way too many iphone pics too. I’m trying to post them but they seem to take over the blog and I want real pictures of my kids, so I’m forcing the camera now. I’m still just not back to my normal with the camera.


Check our Facebook page tomorrow for a Giveaway!


I made this bag for myself as I wanted a handsfree way to carry a few simple items like my phone, money, keys, etc.


I loved it so much that I decided to make another one and give it away!


I also added one to the shop here


Wrapping up Summer of 2015


So I was at a Dr. appointment today when I get a text from my friend Hannah to tell me I need to update my blog. I know. I said I would do more. But you know how that goes…


These pics are dark because it was late. But it was fun to document a late Friday night


Our property needs so much work. We need to plan landscaping, plant more trees, etc


But I do love having a couple acres. I may not once I have no kids at home to mow. Actually I take that back, I fight them to mow. It’s kinda fun.


So Friday nights at home… we have had a lot of those this summer and it has been great.


Andy loves his dog. He’s a bad dog for everyone except Andy


We caught some fireflies:)


We decided Blake can live at home forever because he is so good with his sister.


And the dog


This dog needs non-stop attention.




Love this girl


And even this obnoxious dog


We spend a lot of time on our porches


front and back

My flowers are starting to look like Fall


My view from the porch swing


I’m kinda sad that this summer flew by. Next summer will be a whole different ball game with Austin getting ready for college. But I’m also getting excited for Fall, for Austin’s Senior year, for cooler temps and more time spent by the fire.


Eva went to meet her new teacher today. This year will be the first year that I have all kids in all day school. In 18 years. Yeah. New chapter for sure.


Blake takes good selfies


And that’s a wrap. It was a good summer.

Hannah - I’m glad I shamed you into posting 😉

Hudson and Buddy sound a lot alike. I love Buddy, but he drives me insane at the same time. He only really listens to Greg so I have to call for him in my fake man voice or he won’t come. Seriously.

I’m sick that the summer is coming to an end. We start school next week. It was supposed to be today, but I pushed it back a week…and might push it back again. I’m in serious denial. And I want a vacation with just my husband and kids. But that is a whole other story.

I have those same flowers in my garden and they are looking the same way. I’m not happy about it. I love fall…but I’m dragging my feet big time.