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Yellow Springs


We loaded the whole family up in the car yesterday and headed out for a little hike.


Austin was a little stressed because he had a ton of homework and a test today but he went anyway- and I was SO happy to have him along.


I’m not sure what this is a picture of but it looked cool


I love Fall hikes.


The weather was absolutely perfect


It was one of those days you wish you could rewind and repeat. Best kind of day!


Hannah - Sounds like an awesome day :)

I love fall hikes too, I can’t wait to go on a few!

Lisa - Mama, you sure do look short next to those tall, handsome boys! ;-)

Beagle Love

I love kids that love dogs. Seriously, they are the best kind of kids.

Last night my friend Aimee was over with her fam. This little chicky is one serious dog lover.

And while she was hoping to walk out of my house with one of my pups snuggled under her shirt, I sent her home with a frog instead.:)

And Hannah you were texting me about pics from the new iPhone 6- I lost the ones I took at xc because my sim card died- these are the first two I took. Not bad!

Hannah - I love people who love animals. Dmitry is not an animal person, but I still love him :)

I’m so on the fence about the phone. I’ll probably sit on it a while. That’s what I tend to do…little decisions make me crazy, but I’ll make big ones at the drop of a hat.

Concert at Deweys

Last night my friends daughter had a little concert at Deweys Pizza in our downtown.


She was so good!

Some of her fans


A perfect night to be outside, eat some pizza and listen to a rising star!


Cross Country

On Tuesday the team had a rare midweek race. It was out in the country. I wanted to go so bad but Andy was in NYC and the meet was an hour away at dinner time.


I am so thankful that other people always grab shots of my kiddo

He got third place and once again beat his personal best. He is trying very hard to get below 16 minutes for 3 miles.

Warm up run



From what Austin tells me, this race was held at a farm that is owned by the Ohio Attorney General, one of his coaches family members. So after the race they got to go over to the big house for homemade lasagna made by the Attorney Generals wife. How cool is that?


The coach just sent out this letter that quoted one of the coaches from one of the teams that ran against them

As for the meet itself….I had a chance to review the course quickly in the
cart before the start of the race, and it was in great shape.
To me, this course is “cross country”. While we all like running in parks, golf courses,
etc. for those flat/fast courses that give us those fast times, this course
represents the original intention of what cross country running is about.
Running in the country, through fields (with corn all around),
woods/trees, up/down hills, slopes, ditches, with nothing that repeats itself
(except the last 1/3 of a mile)….and that’s essentially what this course was
Yet with all that, it has a nearly perfectly manicured grass running
surface with no potholes (or other ankle turners),wide passing lanes
(outside the immediate start area), and well identified markers every half
I imagine when cross country first started back a century or so ago,
this was the vision they had for racing. And it was fun to go out there
tonight in a very small low-keyed atmosphere and compete on a course like

I LOVE that Austin is getting to experience things like this. Cross Country has been such a good sport that was never on our radar before and the kids and families are so down-to earth and nice.


It makes this mama very happy and proud:)

Lisa - We have found both cross country and track to be awesome sports – much less competitive and cut-throat than football and wrestling – and that is amongst teammates! Cross and track seem to be more inclusive than other sports and the kids (and parents) seem more supportive of each other.

Hannah - That is pretty cool!

Thursday afternoon


We still have painting going on around here so it’s still a big mess. Today we are getting gutters so I hope that helps with the flooding we keep having in our basement.


Speaking of painting….


She has had a great two weeks of school so far. Very happy with my choice, she is thriving.


Growing up way too fast.

Anyone want a mac and cheese kiss?


Lisa - Beautiful Eva – that’s so awesome she’s doing well at school.

Hannah - She is gorgeous, macaroni and all :)