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How exciting is it when the UPS man comes?  We all get into it, even the dogs- Right after I had Cole I was sitting on the couch nursing him and I saw one of my dogs out front chasing a UPS truck down the street.  I ran out there (with baby still attached to boob) and started yelling for him to come back.  He gets too close and gets clipped by the wheel which sends him rolling to the curb.  I am still screaming and finally, finally the UPS man decides to stop.  My dog Astro was ok, and Andy fixed the fence where he was escaping (let me tell you- that half coyote dog is a genius).  So now our UPS experiences are better.  Except yesterday when I was expecting a fabric shipment.  I opened the door to find this sweet little box from Garnet Hill.  Hmmm  tempting as it was to stick it under my shirt, I dutifully took it next door to my neighbor Kitty Jo.  Don’t you just love that name?  Her husband’s name is Rex.  Love it.  Anyway they are cool, my parents age, and they love kids and dogs and always have an assortment of both coming and going from their house.  When I got to her porch I saw my huge package sitting there.  She opened the door and I handed her my trade and lugged my big rolls of fabric back home.

But the good thing, new fabric!  Check these out.


I am so loving the brown and salmon and light blue polka dot, and the atomic looking one- so much fun!

So sign up for the email because as soon as these babies make it to the web site, an email is going out.  Now when will they make to the website, well that’s another story.  We have to talk to my tired husband about that one.  In the meantime if you see something you want, shoot me an email and we can work it out.





Island Jen - ooh….yummy, yummy new fabrics!! love them!

paige - thanks for the reminder… I’m all signed up!

kim - beautiful fabric – going to sign up for the newletter now!

jan - oh yum!!! LOVE that red one!! may have to order another bag! LOL!!

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