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FAQ Part 2

Round two of the faq- hey that rhymes.

 How long will it take to get my bag

Ok I actually don’t get asked this question very often (all of ya’ll are extremely patient).  But I thought people might want to know.  Typically I do a one to two week turn around.  Usually it doesn’t take that long.  A recent surge in business has pushed me to two weeks- possibly three.


Can I pick the interior fabric for my bag?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage this.  We offer suggestions for those who don’t want to deal with it, but it’s always your choice to put something else inside.  We will work with you on this if needed as well.  I get a lof of “will this go with this?”  Love it.

What are your fabric made of?

I am a cotton snob but I do have a couple blends as well.  Most of the fabrics are heavy decorator weight but some are regular premium cottons.  I am considering labeling which is which on the site but if you want to know, just send me an email.

How do you run a business with three young kids?

I have a VERY supportive husband.  But I also waited and brewed ideas while my first two kids were young.  Now they are in 1st and third grades so they are gone all day.  My third child just turned three and will be starting preschool in a few weeks.  I started slow, tried out a little of this and that and really thought hard about my passions. 

 I signed up for the email but never got one, what’s up?

My husband is very busy (see above) 🙂  he is in charge of the website.  I think he is working on a newsletter to get out once he gets the fall fabrics up.  So soon, hopefully.


What does the zippered laptop bag look like?

it looks like this

laptop bag 

laptop bag 

That is all, it’s Friday- yippee.  Have a great weekend.

Island Jen - Hi Elisa! I can’t wait to get my bag!! My best friend Mary said she bought one of the bucket bags…YAY!!

Suzanne - Love reading your answers! I just placed an order for a couple of bags and a necklace. Can’t wait to get them. Everything on your site is so adorable!

gina - Hi…
A frind of mine, Kim Jacob, stopped by the studio to show me her latest fun purchase…It was one of your bags! She loved it. Just thought I’d tell you that you were the show and tell item of the week amongst my buddies.