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Discontinued fabric and an injury on the job

I should have added to the other faq post about discontinued fabric.  Most of our fabrics are going to be “limited editions”.  This is for a couple reasons.

The first is that it may just be all gone.  Sometimes fabric manufacturers keep producing their prints and sometimes they have one run and then they are discontinued.

The second reason is because I like to keep things fresh.  By continually adding and subtracting fabrics, it keeps it interesting for me and guarantees that there won’t be millions of bags out there that look exactly alike.

So….that said, if there is a fabric out there that you absolutely love, you can always email to see if I have gobs of it left, or if it’s nearing the end.

The blue flowers on brown actually falls into both categories- I have tried to find more but it’s all gone.

Now, on to more gross topics.  Yesterday I impaled my finger with one of my thick sewing needles.  I break a lot of needles, but have never had an injury from one.  There’s always a first I guess.  I thought it had just punctured my finger nail so when I went to the sink to wash off the blood, you can imagine my surprise when I turned my hand palm side up and saw a little bit of silver poking out of the back part of my finger.  I stood there for a minute staring at it, thinking no way did that needle go all the way through my finger.  I walked over and calmly got some tweezers and tried to gently pull it out.  I just couldn’t do it so I yelled down to the basement where Andy was working on the plumbing, “hey can you come up here for a minute?” to which he responded “I’m busy!  Can’t it wait?”  Umm, don’t think so.  So he came up and took a look at my finger and I watched it sink in as he figured out what I needed him to do.  SO we went to the sink and he said, “1.2.3” and tired to pull it out.  It wouldn’t budge.  Tried again, same thing.  I started sweating and I thought I was going to throw up.  But on the third try it came out and after a cold glass of water, all was well.  But my finger is sore and has a hole it it!  I eyed my sewing machine suspiciously for a while thinking “hey I thought we were friends” but I have since forgiven it.

islandjen - OMG!! OUCH!!

I was totally reading your story and I could picture this shiny tip of a needle just staring back at you! I was grossed out and in awe all at the same time! And now my finger kind of hurts!!

I hope your fingers is ok!!

Tiel S-K - yucky! just ready that makes me want to throw up..or ‘spew’ as we say here in Australia. Did that glass of water have anything stronger in it to help with the pain? Hope it doesn’t hinder your beautiful work. And thanks for adding me to you blogroll. 🙂

paige - ouch, Ouch, OUCH!

Do you have to consider a tetnus shot for such things? I’m sure your machine needle was clean, but just curious. Your finger will probably be sore for a while, I’m sad to say. 🙁 Take it easy, and ibuprofin is a good friend.

Kathy - Punish that bad Jenome and send it to Texas ! I’ll spank it every day for you, while I use it!

Suzanne - OMG! You poor thing! I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt. Take care of that finger!

Heather Nunes - So sorry to hear about your finger! I was wincing for you as I imagined the 2nd try with no success-scary moment for you!
On a more positive note, I did just receive my first order from elisalou designs and couldn’t be happier! You are an amazing designer, I can’t wait for the compliments to start rolling in! THANK YOU!

LaTonja - OOuCH! Sorry to hear that, can’t eeeven imagine! Kathy above’s post had me busting out laughing! Take care of that finger Elisa…maybe some ice cream and chocolate?!

Back to packing and moving…

elisa - Note to Kathy (my sister-in-law)

Hands off my sewing machine sista!


Amy Teets - Oh wow! I would have passed O-U-T!

kim - I feel your pain…..was going great guns with my brand new Bernina in 1994 when the needle “grabbed” my left index finger and broke. I let out a screech that brought my husband across the house in three giant leaps…..I remember staring down at the needle, realizing that I had exactly a nanosecond before I was going to lose my nerve, and yanking it out. I can still remember the sense of disbelief.

I got my tetnaus shot the next day. 🙄 The worst parth, though, was not being able to sew for a few days.