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People are strange

My kids are a little strange.  And I will admit they come by it honestly.  Take my first born for example, he is a typical first born- wound up a little too tight.  For his birthday he got a Nintendo Ds Lite.  He is very meticulous with this thing, washing his hands before he plays, not letting anyone else even breathe on it.  On the way to the dentist the other day we had the following conversation.

A- “I think I am going to ask Dr. Scott not to blow up his gloves at the end to make a balloon.  I think I want to take the gloves home so I can play my DS without getting fingerprints on it.

E- “No way, you will not!”

A- “why?”

E- “Because that is just way too weird.”

A- “why is it weird?”

E- “do you want the long list or the short list?”

So he gave up on that.  A few minutes later he starts talking about his math homework and how he is worried about how he didn’t understand “borrowing”.

My middle child, who lives in a very happy world of his own said, “oh I learned about borrowing today at school too when I couldn’t find my markers.”

This of course made my first born nuts.  How can life be so hard for one and so easy for the next??


paige - I’m thinking that somewhere along the way, life balances out for them. Don’t you?

My oldest has a DS as well, and now I’m addicted to Animal Crossing. How did that happen?

Karena - My son is like that too. He hates when he eats and gets his hands dirty. He has to stop what he is doing and just cannot go on until they are clean. You should see him at the park! Seriously, he hates when the park sand gets in his sandles. Crazy little man and he is only 2!
: )