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When was the last time you went bowling

bowling bowling shoes

The boys have been begging to go bowling lately so while the Grandparents were here we headed out last night to have some fun.



The lighting was bad so the pictures aren’t too great but I couldn’t resist these

Andy bowling 

grandad bowling 

And then there was Cole, who had a little trouble getting his ball to roll all the way down

bowling bowling bowling bowling bowling

At one point Andy timed how long it took Cole’s ball to get down the lane.  23 seconds.


Then Cole decided he liked the blower best



Susan/Gramma - The most interesting part was trying to figure out the scoring system. Hitting the bumpers … or not … (installed for the kids, of course) seemed to rate an automatic spare, no matter how many pins actually fell. I know Andy wondered how he would explain how his “real” score was topped by the “unreal” scores of his boys. Good thing he pulled it out at the end.

islandjen - omg elisa..i love your bowling pics! looks like you guys had some major fun!

Tiel S-K - what great photos. I always hate the thought of going bowling. I seem to go once every two years. But once we are there, it is heaps of fun. Looks like fun.