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Ugly Dolls

I had my eye on these guys for a while and since I am doing most of my shopping online this year (and trying to support small businesses) I figured it was time.

So for some little guys in my life, I ordered up a few of these.  Austin and Alex are getting OX and Blake is getting Secret Mission OX.  Cole isn’t getting one, he is into Snoopy right now and Max isn’t getting one because his family requested no more stuffies.

Can’t wait to see them in person!

Tracy - Do you think that Austin and Blake would like the keychains to attach to backpacks, or jeans, or wherever? The dolls are so ugly that they are cute!!

Rachel Stiverson - Oh my! This are GREAT. My DH is on the other computer ordering some right now! Thanks for sharing such a great find!

Rachel - hee, hee! :mrgreen: LOVE the ugly dolls and have my own too! i even have them on my blog banner this month – that’s how much i like them. i think some more of them might call our house home pretty soon as the holidays are approaching!