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What’s your number?

The new fabrics are up and one of my favorites is this What’s your number?

Whats Your Number
Whats Your Number - Multi
I knew it would be a hit with math teachers but we all have numbers that we are drawn to, don’t we?  I know someone who doesn’t like the number 6, and I don’t really care for the numer 7.

But there are good numbers too, I love the number 3.  3 boys, 3 dogs.  After I had my 2nd son I had two very early miscarriages and Andy and I agreed that we would try one more time and if it didn’t work we would stop at 2 kids.  When I was sitting in my OB’s office waiting for the 1st heartbeat check (the other two had not made it to that point), I was so nervous.  I opened a magazine and started reading an article.  The first line was “3rd times charm”.  I knew then that everything would be alright.  That third pregnancy was my third boy.  And if you were a child a 70’s like I was you know, “THREE, is the magic number!”  A little schoolhouse rock for you.

So check out the new fabric and the new coin pouch and knitting needle holder.

Happy Monday, I am off to the dentist to get a permanent filling in my root canal tooth.

Jordy - I love Schoolhouse Rock! My number is 4. People always said i write my fours weird. So i made it my favorite number.

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu - ooooh, I am gonna have to get one of those coin purses to go with my Jordyn bag. Way too many selections for my brain right now……..gotta find something that goes with my topaz circles.

Love it.