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Keep Austin Weird

We had a really good time with this. Our Austin didn’t get it at first and when I bought a t-shirt with the slogan he didn’t want me to wear it. He said his friends won’t get it and think it’s about him- I told him that was the point. Then he seemed to get into it.


We took the kiddos to our past hang-outs

IMG_0519 copy

and here

IMG_0534 copy


e and a

b and c

let them run around here


Started taking pictures of a bunch of different Austin signs

austin austin

Right now they have an art guitar display going on, with guitars all over town. So we hit a few of those


austin austin austin

austin IMG_0647 copy

Austin is such a fun city, and I always forget how “new” it is. So different from out old quaint New England style town, Austin is more mid century- weird 70’s buildings. When I moved there just over 15 years ago I got a job working at a restaurant out on the lake. In my interview they asked why I had moved from Michigan and if I liked Austin. I told them that Austin was such a cool city and they said, “SHHHHH! Don’t tell anyone.” Well I didn’t tell but someone else must have because the population has doubled since I lived there. That’s a lot of people crammed into a fairly small city. Took some getting used to this time around. Planning trips around traffic jams.

They have now opened the UT tower again so we climbed to the top which was very cool




UT has such a pretty campus.

And look what we found at the top of the tower


That wraps up our trip, I was happy to get back and see my doggies, I missed them so much. Especially in Austin where there are dogs everywhere. They came home from doggie camp happy and tired.