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Packing up

Our contractor has informed us that we need to start packing things up.  How we are going to live in this house while it is being remodeled I have no idea.  We don’t really have any rooms that aren’t getting touched.  Insane.  This means packing up most of our stuff.

One thing I did today was gather up a bunch of my quilting fabric, fabric left over from my days of designing children’s bedding, and even some bag fabric that I have a TON of.  I sorted it out and made Andy photograph it and I am offering it up in my Etsy store.  It felt good to pull it out and get it organized as most has been packed away for quite a while.  I have so much.  I put a few things up today and will be putting more and more each day as time permits- So… if you sew, check it out.  I have a lot of vintage style children’s prints, canvas, decorator, well you name it.

I have to temporarily downsize my studio while my new one gets built but for the most part, that is one of the “safe” areas of the house which is good because it is where I spend most of my time.