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I have to admit, I really like Martha Stewart.  Her decorating style is classic and traditional and it is exactly what I want in my own home.  I like to tune in and check out her show while I am sewing.  The other day Annamaria was on which was very cool and today she had a few of her dogs on the show for a doggie fashion show.  One of her dogs was misbehaving (the show is live) and she mentioned that her other dog puked in her bed last night.  Not only was I thrilled to hear that Martha’s dogs sleep in her bed but I slowly realized that two of the most powerful women in this country are major dog lovers, Martha and Oprah (I think Oprah has her beat- she has 7 dogs).  So there you go, while most people think I am some kind of freak for having so many dogs at least I am in good company.

kelly - one can never have too many dogs. i only have one, but his 130 pounds is quite enough at this time.