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Remodel Update

Today is supposed to be a busy day around here- hopefully a big progress day. I have been without a kitchen since August. A couple of weeks ago they put our stove back in but still no sink and without a sink, well you just can’t cook. I have been cleaning up a bit in the dog shower but that isn’t working. I would use the downstairs bathroom sink but they took that out when they did the hardwood floors so now we have to wait until they are done painting. I am assured there is a method here- but when you are tired of eating out (yes, I did say that!) you just want a kitchen. Today we are supposed to turn a corner (and I say supposed because I have learned to never get my hopes up as things can change very quickly). Today is the day the countertop is supposed to arrive. And with the countertop is a sink, and a sink means the dishwasher can be hooked up. Yippee! So I thought I would take some pictures at 7:30am and then maybe by 7:30 pm things will look a little different. Crossing my fingers anyway.
This is the blur of before school activities around here

Our living space has dwindled down to one main room downstairs and it is filled with couches, tables, fridge, you name it. I pulled this small end table and a few places to sit out of the pile so the kids could actually sit down to eat. The floor is all covered, so no good pics of the hardwoods yet. We have to wait until after they paint.

No countertop

Not sure what is going on here with Shiloh- I think Austin might be sharing his breakfast with her

This is what the dining room looks like right now

The room below is original to the house and was not going to get remodeled, we were actually using it up until the floors were refinished a couple weeks ago. Now it is getting painted and will hopefully be done today- this is the library/den and our Christmas tree will go in here

I actually love this room. It is small and cozy with a brick wall, fireplace, and that little white door is a place to store wood (it has exterior access). It has built-in shelves and cabinets.

Another view

Yesterday they started the mantel on the new fireplace in the family room

Very traditional, nothing fancy. And as it has been the way with most of the project, a picture hanging above it from a magazine- I just pull them out and give them to the workers and voila- I have a mantel, or a dog shower. Tile to arrive soon for the surround and the hearth.

So there you go- hoping for a productive day around these parts.

alison - looks like its getting close! what type of countertops did you choose?

Nicki - I can’t wait to see what 7:30 pm brings!!! 🙂