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Any one else glad that the holiday season is wrapping up?

When I look back on the last two weeks, the painters going down to the wire but pulling through in the end to get the house wrapped up a few days before Christmas.  We decided not to travel to Texas or the farm this year which was a very wise choice.  Everyone got sick, and Cole is STILL fighting it.  Then there was the weird rash on Blake.  It started a few weeks ago when the school sent him home.  They wanted me to take him to the doctor but by the time he got home there wasn’t much of a rash, plus I didn’t want to haul him and Cole into the sick side and expose them to who knows what right before Christmas.  So I kept him home a day and then sent him back.  They called again.  I asked if he had a fever or was itching or anything.  No, just a mild rash.  So he stayed.  Rash came and went but was very mild.  Then on the 22nd he woke up and it was terrible.  We had plans to go to Cincy to see my brother and family and luckily my sister-in-laws brother is a doctor.  He said Blake was fine, a virus most likely that was just lingering- popping back up when he got overly hot or cold.  Since Blake had played a late night game of flash light tag with neighborhood kids the night before we wrote it off to that.  Then he started itching.  We had 3 to 4 sleepless nights when the kid couldn’t sleep because he was so itchy.  We dosed him up on Benadry and Motrin but it was still bad.  Blake is an itchy kid and gets more itchy in the winter so I didn’t think much.  A few days ago he had his yearly well check and his dr. said that he had a virus (with a lingering rash) and he has sensitive skin.  So with a strong antihistamine he was sent on his way.  All in all it was what we thought but exhausting nonetheless.  And for Grandad who likes to track the growing progress of each grandkid-  he said that Blake is a tall tall kid- off the charts for height and weight and will soon pass up his brother (who is 2 years older and very tall for his age as well) and eventually his 6’1″ dad.    We like to call him our gentle giant 🙂 well at least most of the time.

alison - I think the rash is interesting because this year our area has had a huge outbreak of ‘hives’ issues in kids for reasons no one is certain about. some odd virus or something. but the rash goes on for weeks off and on–its a weird one that’s for sure. I hope that Blake gets over it completely soon.