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Not a lot words needed about today.

We went here.  A perfect day although a bit chilly but who am I to complain as I believe it was maybe 19 or less back at home in Ohio.

Boys were all very very good

but we put them in jail with Zerg anyway.

Cole was super sad when he wasn’t tall enough to ride Space Mountain but some Mickey ears cheered him right up.

It was so nice having Andy’s parents with us, a couple extra sets of hands and arms is always nice.  This was the first year we didn’t need a stroller.  Nice!

Magic Kingdom was a little more crowded than we normally find it to be on our January trips but no one complained (too much) about waiting in the long lines.  We saw lots of Patriot jerseys, quite a few Ohio State sweatshirts, but I am pretty sure Blake was the only Blue Jackets shirt. Funny how you look for those things when you are out.
Tomorrow another adventure…..

Dawn - Great pics Elisa. I’m so jealous! I would love to be on a vacation right now. Sounds so good. Hope you guys have a fantastic time!


Elisa - Thanks Dawn! It was fun but I am convinced now that Disney World is Germ World. Of course we will be back next year but I swear we get sick EVERY year!