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Hit Universal Studios today.  It was less crowded and easier on all of us to get around.  The boys had a good time, although the wait time was still long.  I think we will be better off the next few days since today was holiday.

My favorite ride of the day was probably the Mummy ride.  Least favorite was the MIB ride which we waited in line for 45 minutes.  They measured Cole at the start of the line (he is right at 40 inches- the requirement).  They measured him again half way through, same thing- 40 inches.  We get to the very end of the line, about to get on- and they tell us he has to be OVER 40 inches.  I was mad, I could have taken him elsewhere to play during that time.  Grandma stayed off with him, he cried- saying why did they say ok  (twice) and then no?  The ride was a bunch of spinning which I hate so I won’t be doing that again.

So after that it was over to the kiddie area for Cole

Everything always has to be a stunt for this kid

Austin and Grandad, trying not to get wet

Blake getting wet

Trying to take pictures and talk to our contractor on the phone who was back home in our hosue

Happy Boys

Tired Mom

Brittany - 4 Little Men - glad you guys are enjoying your trip. Looks like a blast! It snowed here today. 🙂

Elisa - Thanks! We had a great time.

Jordy - That looks like so much fun!!!!!