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after spending all morning at the doctors office and then children’s to get x-rays we are back home.   I took Blake and Cole to their pediatrician this morning.  She was concerned that Blake wasn’t getting enough air, and that he needed another dose of epinephrine.  She gave me the choice of going back to the ER to get the epi or going to Children’s to get an x-ray of his throat and then maybe on to the ER from there.   I chose the  x-ray with the hope that  he wasn’t  as bad as she thought.  Fortunately that’s what happened.  The x-ray showed that he has a bit of swelling but not enough to go back to the ER.  A script for oral steroids (that we may or may not use) and we were off.

Cole is down and out but she wants his little body to fight it off on his own, and I am ok with that.  He has been sleeping on and off.  Andy is dragging and stayed home from work.

I am off for a soak in the tub, order pizza, and watch a movie.  Whew.

alison - I’m there with ya, I really am. Boys #2 & 3 are fighting bad colds/flu whatever it may be. #2 is trying to convince me he’s well enough to go to a bday party at chuck e cheese’s tomorrow. Some weekends were meant to be spent at home.

Elisa - UGH, hope all is better in your house.

We skipped a b-day party today too. And a soccer game. I have sat on the couch holding a puking boy all day. He is now running around the house yodeling-sp?

Must be feeling better.