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It is so cold here- like 7 degrees.

Last night when the Blue Jackets game was over I seriously questioned why we didn’t stay home and watch it in the comforts of our *warm* home.

Cole got ready for the game with his blue hair

and made it on the big overhead tv thing in Nationwide a couple of times

Blake’s favorite player, Nikolai Zherdev

Nik and Rik

Cole’s favorite player, Rick Nash.

Looking a little beat up after being shoved against the glass last Thursday

but scored and tied the game

the game went into overtime and ended in a shoot-out where Nash scored again but the Kings scored twice and we lost. Again. Sigh.

Next time it is that cold I am staying home with her

Brittany - 4 Little Men - Oh yes… isn’t it cold! I’m actually excited were going to get snow though. At least it will be pretty and cold.

Love the hair!

Elisa - me too! If it’s going to be cold- give us snow. At least the kids want to go out and play if there is snow.

Jordy - I love snow!!! I hope we get like seven feet so we can make snow tunnels!!!

kathy - The weather in Austin is perfect, it is our spring right now. We’ll pay later, but are enjoying heaven these days….

Elisa - so far not enough for any tunnels, hope it keeps up! It’s very pretty.