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The Day

Do you ever look at the clock and wonder how it got to be 7pm?  I am trying to figure out how the day got away from me.  So here we go, the day

5:45am- Andy leaves for meetings in NYC

6am- Astro, our geriatric dog starts to bark because he has to pee.  Once he wakes up he doesn’t seem to realize that he could go back to sleep- nope he’s up and next is a good pee.

I ignore him until 6:30.  Get up, let all the dogs out and then back in, feed them.  Turn on the news, there is a 2 hour delay for the boys school.  Snow. I let them sleep and do some laundry.

Answer emails

Boys get up, head to Starbucks for a LARGE coffee and hot chocolate.

Feed the boys, take them to school

Go to Easton to meet up with Aimee to give her more cut and interfaced bags, pick up the ones she finished sewing.

Home and more laundry
Lunch for Cole and then Cole to school

Studio time

Pack up bags for shipping

Pick boys up from school




And now it is 7pm and we are settling in to watch the Blue Jackets.

And then to bed.

Andy home at 10pm- hopefully.


Ann - talk about eye candy. i want, no NEED -every single one of those bags!

Karen - are those new stripes, polka dots and flowers available on your website yet…I didn’t see them and they are georgous!!!!!!!

Sheli - Hope one of those striped ones are mine! Can’t wait!!