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are you lucky? My husband is. He is always winning things, and good things too.

A few days ago we attended the Blue Jackets Hats for Heroes which is a benefit to fight pediatric cancer.

Andy bought a lot of raffle tickets ans sure enough, won a team signed jersey

And since I don’t allow him to actually wear hockey jerseys (only the kids) I guess this one will have to go on the wall in the basement.

I am trying to decide what to do with the Adam Foote (the ex-captain that just ditched the team) signed hockey puck- I am considering tossing it in his front yard, or maybe I should put it in his mailbox. Hmm…..

Bethany - Oh my gosh, if you seriously don’t want it…give it to me…I love me some Foote…even if he does wear an Avs jersey now.
Also, I’m really glad you commented on my blog because you have really cute stuff 😀

Dawn - Elisa,

I’d let the boys take it outside and play street hockey with it! 🙂

Way to go Andy for winning the jersey. That would make a nice addition to a sports wall.


Susan (the M-I-L) - Sell it on eBay and buy the boys some ice cream…….

Susan (the M-I-L) - Of course I meant the Hockey Puck…..

Susan (the M-I-L) - Okay, those were NOT my postings. Grandad tried to sneak them by… I say frame the jersey and hang it in the basement – it would look really good!