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A quiet night here.  Take out from Chili Verde and some movies.  Too many sleep-overs for the boys and Blake bombed his soccer game today.  I guess the whole team played terrible.  Blake is lucky that the coach is his dad.

We considered heading down to the gallery hop, but we are tired and staying in.  Exciting, I know.  Hoping it will be early to bed for the boys- a basketball game tomorrow for Blake and then an afternoon at The Chiller.
This picture is for my sister-in-law in Julie

This fabric is so cool- I just love it.  It’s also flying out the door.

A few more that were shipped out the door today

Ok since I have nothing really interesting to say I will sign off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Nicki - LOVE that first fabric. Do you make anything similair to the Vera Bradley hipster??? I would much rather buy from YOU than her! 🙂

Elisa - Yep, the Jordyn!

Lindsay - What is the last bag? And is it available in your shop?

jordyn - the jordyn bag is totally my favorite :]

Elisa - Jordy you are so funny.

The last bag is the Clara bag- it should be on the site.

Bethany - Where do you get all your fabric from!? SO CUTE! I’m ordering some stuff from you this week!!

Elisa - Most of my fabrics come from these two designers

Amy Butler- a super cool artist that is also local



Michael Miller