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Textures how-to

I thought it might be easier to just do a post on textures instead of emailing the details individually to the people who have asked me about it so here goes.

I think you have to sign up for a flickr account before you can access any of these pages but it’s free.

First of all, this is the group where you can find all the textures.  Textures for Layers 

If you don’t know about flickr and groups you can join groups- some have rules, some don’t.   This one has a few, mainly just to give credit to your source and what-not.

Another one is noise and dust through the viewfinder

If you need a tutorial on how to actually drag textures onto images this one is good.  I tweaked a few things with mine- just remember to adjust it once you get your layers together- I think I used multiply on mine but then I also use a weird combo of elements and photoshop together (I know, could I be more complicated??)- this tutorial is just for photoshop (but if you have elements it will work too- somethings are just located in different places)  Confused?  If you have any questions just email me and I will help if I can.  But keep in mind I am just learning myself and like to make stuff up as I go- therefore never remembering how I arrived.

Ok I just re-read that last paragraph and confused myself so my advice would be to google it and figure it out yourself.  Clearly I am not cut-out to be an instructor.  Oh but the tutorial will help, it wasn’t written by me 🙂

There is also a group where you can post your pictures once you are finished.

Give it a try.

Elisa - Oh and don’t forget to show me your pictures!