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Good News

Astro the million year old wonder dog is fine.  All he has is a urinary tract infection.  No kidney failure, no cancer.

some antibiotics and he should be good to go.

Austin has recently turned into a skateboard punk.  He bought himself a skateboard with his mowing money and has been out every night.

When you glance up and see your kids at a top of a hill like this- well is there any chance that it will turn out well?

because not only does he have to try it on his feet, he has to try it every other way he can think of too.

Helmets are a good thing.

So is DQ- where we had to head after.  Along with everyone else in the city.

my little stinker

Happy Friday!

Ginky - Ooh I am so glad Fro is OK, love that dog. What cute pictures.

Julie - Yay for Rastro!