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Because I don’t know what to say

This morning Austin asked if I remembered where I was when I “heard”.  “Of course” I told him.
I remember the time like it was yesterday.  He had just turned 4 years old and we weren’t sure how to shield him from the news, and when he did hear, how to explain it all to him.

We talked for years about bad guys flying planes into buildings.

I remember standing in front of the tv, baby Blake in my arms- staring in disbelief.

And because I just don’t know what else to say, here is a re-post from a couple years ago.

Every year when this date rolls around I think about where I was when this horrible event took place.  We were living Dallas, I was taking Austin to preschool and my cell phone rang.  It was Andy, “Have you heard the news?  All hell is breaking loose.”  I wasn’t sure if I should take Austin to school but decided to go ahead- I sat in the class with a couple other parents, every one seemed shocked and quiet.  I went home and turned on the news.  The images, just unbelievable.

In the aftermath a lot of emails circulated, I’m not sure who sent this to me but I watch it every year.

I pray for peace

and I cry.  And I hug my kiddos a little longer and my pups a little tighter.