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Vegas Baby

Today Andy and I boarded a plane and left the kids with the grandparents for only the 2nd time in our 11 years of parenting.  And only our oldest was sad to see us go.  Andy has a conference and I tagged along for the ride.
Pics to come.

Valerie Page - I have bought purses from you and have read your blog all the time. I am a parent of 2 girls and another girl on the way. Your blog is so much fun to read and it keeps me going when my three dogs, two cats and my daughters are all having a crazy week. I would love to meet you in person. We live in Las Vegas in a suburb about 20 minutes from the strip. I teach 2 streets away from my house. You should see the communities outside the strip. You forget you live in Las Vegas. Next time you come out, you should e-mail us. My husband and I know all the yummy restaurants. 🙂