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Boy’s Rooms

I have been asked to show my boy’s rooms- well the answer is no.  They are messy, and they pretty much stay that way.

Until my boys learn to clean their rooms you will never see them on here.

Ok, just kidding.  You all know that I am not afraid of mess.  I embrace mess.  Mess is my life (along with a lot of burps and farts but that is a whole nother story).

For some reason I am have been in full purge mode lately.  In fact I just finished hauling our old dismantled playset to the curb- for the guys that creep around on the night before trash night for hidden goodies.  Andy has new plans for a cool new fort for the boys and the old one had to go.   Plans, lots of plans.  I have my eye on a cool pirate ship fort thing but if I know Andy he will want to design and build himself.  Of course all this will now have to wait until next spring as I think today may have been our last day of mid 70’s.

SO that brings me back to boy’s rooms.  We are planning an overhaul, switcheroo, mixing things up a bit.  And with that maybe a few pictures before the boys destroy them.  Austin has a buckeye room and it won’t change much except for his closet.  We are thinking some kind of buillt-in media area.  Cole is going to move into Blake’s room.  They want to room together so we are hoping to change up that room a bit and add some cool features- not exactly sure what yet.  Stay tuned- hopefully pictures soon.

The basement is also getting a make-over.  The cork floor is not a hit with the kiddos so we are thinking of laying carpet over it.  And then floor to ceiling shelves from Ikea.  So the home remodel continues…..

Nicki - Ok, I guess I understand! 🙂
I bet they are not as bad as you thin though.
I still love your style 🙂