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Grandparents Day

Today was Grandparents Day at Blake’s school.  Ginky came up for the occasion.

Blake’s class did some nice poetry

This is a good picture to show you how freakishly large my 3rd grader is.

The Grandparents talked about where they were from, the kids made a chart of all the countries represented.

Oh, and see this kid?

Sitting in the middle of the classroom, quietly waiting for the exact right moment.  He found it, once they finished the poetry and the room got quiet he yelled out

“Happy poopy Thanksgiving!!”

Then when one of the Grandma’s tried to give him some “treat” that she had made out of mashed potatoes, sugar, and peanut butter- he looked at her and said, “no thanks, I don’t eat stuff that looks like play-dough.”

Then he did a little of this

I don’t know who this kid belongs to but that mom really needs to get him under control.

Liz - hahahahahaha lol. funny kid! Reminds me of my little monster 🙂

Martha Thomas - okay, that made me laugh out loud right here all by myself!! great post!! i have a son like that too. so so precious and so so……..boy. they definitely are the ones that make us laugh and cry and scream and giggle and love. i just love your blog. i’ve told you before, but i just think you are really great!!

kristen - ok, that is hilarious! i actually laughed outloud sitting here by myself. 🙂 what a cute kid!

Regina - i’ve come back to this blog a couple times today and have found myself laughing just thinking back to it. so thanks for the giggles. i even had my husband come read this one. too funny.
i hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Susan/Gramma - Makes this grandmother proud!