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The ultimate insult-or not.

The other day Cole got really mad at me- which is not an unusual thing, he is a bit of a hot head.
So he stood there and I could just see the wheels in his brain turning, trying to figure out the worst thing he could say to me to convey just how mad he was, and this is what he came up with……

“you make me so mad, you you you no weiner gull (girl)”

I just looked at him with his little 5 year old feet planted firmly on the ground and his little hands clenched up, and I said

“Seriously? Is that the best you can do? Because I am sorry to say that I have NEVER, NOT EVER in my life wished that I was sporting a stick and berries.”

Then we laughed. And he forgot why he was mad.

shiloh and cole

Amy - I am seriously laughing out loud right now! That is so funny and I assume the peril (or joy) of older brothers! My daughter is four and usually just rambles loudly at me and says all the things I say to her when I am uspset but all at once, in one long sentance.

That is priceless…

rachel carlson - OH. MY. GOODNESS! thanks for making my day e. stick and berries – seriously priceless. that is something well documented. holiday hugs, rachel

Nancy - Too funny.

I usually read blogs on my reader but popped in tonight and I love the new look!