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Fun at the Grandparents

So while we are back in the cold north- seriously our weather is all over the place this week, 54 today, 80 by the weekend…. anyway, I am still going through Texas pictures
They don’t look happy do they? It’s all an act.
That’s how I looked after attending my first play-off hockey game last night and watching our team get their butts kicked (yet again) by the Red-Wings. UGH! Still had fun though. Thanks for the suite tickets Tom!

I wish I had a better shot of their t-shirts. Because it sums up their personalities perfectly. Austin in his skater attire and Blake with his Spongebob Nudie Pants shirt. Aren’t genetics weird- these boys came from the same womb. Different as night and day.

Anyway, back to Texas

Cole spent a lot of time on the zipline


These pictures crack me up

zipline blur

They are all a blur but I had to put them up anyway. I didn’t have the right lens for these action shots.

zipline blur

I know it looks like he is slamming into the tree, but it’s really a light bounce. I promise 🙂


Can you tell I trimmed his bangs? Clearly my talents lie elsewhere. LOL.

Melanie - The zip line looks like fun:)

Gramma - It really is a light bounce at the end of the zip line. Cole just wanted to add his own dramatic touch.

Ginky and Ginky John - What a cute little face, he looks so innocent.