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4 Weeks


I can’t believe she has been here for 4 weeks. So much has changed since I first saw this tiny little baby. She has grown so much in such a short time. She used to sleep about 23 1/2 hours a day. Now she has long periods of being awake and alert. We are still working on the day and night deal. Getting better.

She now fits into her clothes! And I can’t resist another shot of the toes


Now, if only icpc would clear us all would be perfect!

Kodi - She is absolutely precious!

Kim - I am sending all my best wishes that you get your clearance asap. It must be so hard being away from the rest of your family.

Jaimee - I cannot believe she is 4 weeks old already. Wow, how time flies! What in the world is ICPC doing?? Come on already, give the clearance!!! Hmmm, maybe my yelling will help? She is absolutely gorgeous!

Linda - Absolutely beautiful.

Regarding your post of a few days ago…I am the mom of two children born in Korea – my daughter is 10 and my son is 8. I must admit the comments and questions have slowed considerably from when they were young, but a few weeks ago at McDonalds a man came up to my son and I and asked how much he cost. I answered “Nothing. Why do you ask?” and he walked away. My other favorite is “So are they brother and sister”? Why yes, they are.

Some people are just stupid, but some of us are so excited to see families that look just a little different!

Congratulations on expanding your family!

Katrine - She is so perfect!