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Monthly Archives: September 2009

100 best companies to work for

Fortune 500’s 100 best companies to work for- Do you ever find these things interesting? I do. Wonder what makesView full post »

When you give a girl a camera

The other evening MB was over and grabbed our old Rebel and tried to take some pictures of some boys. She quickly foundView full post »

Hocking Hills

Bo school last Friday so we took the kids down for a hike at Hocking Hills. After a week of rain and being stuck insideView full post »

Eva’s first hockey game

Andy got this picture with his iPhone. She loved it. Didn’t mind the noise, smiled and bounced around, told meView full post »

What a photoshoot with Eva looks like

These are from a couple weeks ago, but thought it was interesting to see what shooting her is like. These are prettyView full post »

Is it Friday yet?

Because I am so ready For those that asked, the chalkboard below is just a thick piece of wood we had in the garage. WeView full post »

Baby Steps

In my effort to get it more together, I did do a few things on my list yesterday. Homework was knocked out early, videoView full post »

Finding our groove with a PROMO!

This has been a crazy month for us. I always count off the first few weeks of school as an adjustment time but this yearView full post »

Waffles Dog Collar

This collar is going out to Waffle Waffle make sure you tell your mom to take lots of pictures so I can see how handsomeView full post »

Country Living Fair 2009

Oh man yesterday was a perfect day for the fair. I got kid coverage for Cole (thanks Julie!) and I hit the fair withView full post »

We sure know how to have a good time

Last night we went to a restaurant here in town to see a friend sing. It was such a great night- I know these nights onView full post »

The Scrunchy Face

Eva has a funny face she makes when she laughs- she scrunches up her nose and shows her gummy smile. It always cracks usView full post »

New Fabric and Eva of course

I got the first batch of new fabric last week, but I haven’t gotten it up on the website yet. Just let me know ifView full post »