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Baby Steps

In my effort to get it more together, I did do a few things on my list yesterday. Homework was knocked out early, video games were very limited. And the crazy thing? No one gave me any issues about it. The older boys found a break in the rain yesterday and road their bikes downtown with a friend and got ice cream. Came home and practiced their guitars. Together!

Cole had a friend over and they played Plamobil the entire time. No video games.

Dinner was a different story. We all ate some mac and cheese at various times, but hey- Andy is out of town and I am doing the best I can. Right?

And reminder to self- no one likes the Whole Foods Brand organic white cheddar mac and cheese. The last time I made it Cole said it was horrible, I tried it again last night and Blake said it tasted like soap. So back to Annies.

I am trying to get our dining room put back together. I finally got the farm table that our family needs. 10 feet long, seats 12. Bad thing is I only have 4 chairs left over from a different table. I am looking for a big long bench for one side.


Our dining room was the one room we didn’t touch during our remodel. We lived out of one room downstairs. Insane.
So it needs a lot of work. Maybe it would be better to line the table under the light, no? Anyway, working on gathering pictures and art for the back wall. Lots of kid art and black and white photos.

And do you like my centerpiece? I got it at the CL Fair. So fun!


Here is the chalk board- Cole and I left a message for Andy. Not working so far.


Doesn’t everyone have a beagle laying on a couch in their dining room?


She loves this lookout spot


And check out this cuteness- Cole got his first hockey helmet from my friend Rob





Love It!

elizabeth - You have such a lovely home and I love your deco style. Where did you get that chalk board? Thanks for sharing and inspiring me. I too have the same issues with my kids,dinner,video games and just trying to get it “all together”. Baby steps is a good way to go I think. We can’t do it all! Have a lovely Fall day.

Melanie - I have an 18.5 lb. maltipoo that loves the back of the couch and chair. We are moving soon and I have bought new furniture and we are trying to train the dog NOT to get on the back of the couch. He ruined the cushions and I don’t want the new couch messed up. What is it about the dogs that like to be up high to see out? I have had dogs all my life and he is the first one that loves the back of the couch.

Jennifer - OOOHHH! Where did you find your great chalkboard?

Penny - Love the pumpkin centerpiece. I think I just may try and duplicate that! Cole looks very cute in the hockey helmet.

Rene Schmidt - You house looks so warm and cozy!! Just love it! Especially the cute beagle looking out the window – looks like my house! And I, too, have to ask about the chalkboard. Is it a piece of wood? I just turned a few large frames from the Thrift Store into chalkboards, but love how simple yours looks. Thanks so much for sharing!