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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Picture problems

I am still having issues with uploading pictures.  It is making me crazy.  Not sure what is up but it is probably aView full post »

Broken Card Reader

So no pictures. Add it to my list of things I need to pick up. I was going to do a big post about how Thankful I am forView full post »

How to make beaded star ornaments

Do you have bored kids and need an idea to keep them busy? Here is one that I do with my kids every year. Ok first youView full post »

Nintendo DS pouches

The pouches are here. These pouches have thick padding to protect your DS The zippered pocket in front is the perfectView full post »

Gettin’ Busy

Today is the day to get it together. The last few weeks have been work centered and today it is house.  The laundry hasView full post »


The boys like to build towers for Eva out of her blocks and then have her knock them all down.  And Eva loves it. IView full post »

So much going on!

So it’s Saturday and I am going to do a quick blog post before I get Cole out the door for hockey. Lots on theView full post »

Why can’t I get anything done?

This is why. I have products that I need to photograph so I put her down next to me, contained in her old co-sleeperView full post »

Here we go

Well it looks like the days of putting little Miss Eva on the floor and not worrying about things out of her reach areView full post »

Key Fobs

The Free Key Fobs are flying out the door so if you want to take advantage of our November Promo- act quick! Only whileView full post »

Monday morning

My cold medicine kicked in last night and I was finally able to get some sleep. The past few nights have been badView full post »

Park City, Utah

How can you not love Park City? Andy loves it more than me. The mountains, the ski slopes, the quaint town. I am more ofView full post »

It’s official!!

I will post more later because we have to pack up and check out of our hotel (headed up to the mountains and need toView full post »

Veterans day

Sending out a thank you to all the military men out there And ex military men including my father and father-in-law!View full post »