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Park City, Utah

How can you not love Park City? Andy loves it more than me. The mountains, the ski slopes, the quaint town. I am more of a beach, bikini, and palm trees kind of girl but I do love it here.

And the lodge where we are staying. The Dakota. It’s cool.

Our room is a lot pricier when people really want to come here (this is the last week of the off season). In fact so pricey we can’t help but laugh at how little we are paying for it. Andy always seems to get us good deals on upscale hotels. And then we laugh at how we don’t fit in.

Just yesterday we were talking about designing t-shirts. See, Eva farts a lot. A LOT. And really really loud. Like adult loud. So when we were out with her, and she farts, well everyone assumes it’s one of us. We thought it would be cool (and very funny) to have shirts that said, “I’m not the one that farted.”
The more we thought about it, the better this idea this came. We could embarrass our boys by wearing the shirt when we are with them… well you get the idea. Very mature, aren’t we? Our shirts would not fit in here. But now you can buy one here.

So the great thing about having met Andy when I was young, well we have been through it all. Waitress, small jobs on campus at the University of Texas, then after college a year of working for insurance companies… When he decided to go to grad school and get his MBA we already had one kid. Then we had the second while he was in school and we were living on student loans because I was stay-home mom. I will never forget one of the girls in his class saying, “are you sure that’s a good idea?” I wasn’t about to put my life on hold because Andy was in school. And having Blake while Andy was at OSU turned out to be the best thing as they ended up covering all of his heart issues with Andy’s student insurance. So while I never attended OSU, I love that school for saving my baby. Anyway…..

The thing is, I have been with Andy when we were dirt poor. And now we aren’t, but it really doesn’t seem much different. Ya know? As we have steadily reached our goals from a long time ago, nothing changed. We are still two crazy fun loving immature kids. Only with a little more money.

So with that I will show you our cool room


our kitchen, viking fridge and stove- seriously better than my kitchen at home


The living room. The fireplace is a bonus. It’s nice to turn it on and watch the snow come down outside.


These aren’t real, but a nice touch I thought.


This is the bedroom, yep it has it’s own fireplace. I turned it on for a little bit before I passed out at 8pm. The time change and my nagging cold has made me a dud on this trip.


There are two bathrooms, this one is the master bath and it has a whirlpool tub and a tv in it.

Ok so want to know what this room costs during prime ski season? $1700 per night. !!!!!!!! We are paying no where near that. NO WHERE NEAR. Seriously, who pays that???

We were hungry last night but had a late lunch so we decided to order something small from room service. I told Andy to get a cheese plate and a salad.

A little later room service arrived. I was on the phone with the boys so Andy took care of it and put it on the dining room table. I gave him the phone and went over to look at the food. Behind me I hear, “Hey Blake, can you hold on a minute, I need to see mom’s face when she see’s our food.”

I lift up the lid to take a peak at our $22 cheese plate.


So stinkin’ funny. Not only was it $22 but it had a $4 delivery charge and a 22% service charge. Then you had to tip on top of that. I thought I was going to pee my pants.


And now the best pics- loving on our sweet sweet daughter





nicki - wow, that room is so nice!
I know you probably get sick of hearing this, but serioulsy, she is just adorable and all yours!

Jane - This is a great post! While Eva was sitting on my lap at lunch, she farted most of the time . . . funny now to realize it’s just her thing. I love that baby!

Jaimee - Beautiful room, and I’m dying over the cheese plate…but not surprised. Going to PC is a treat for us too!

Dawn Morgan - Wow! $22 for that? I think I just laughed so hard I peed my pants! That is so funny!

Beautiful room!

Aimee - Glad to hear you aren’t ruffing it there- you may be quite hungry by the time you get back, but at least it looks like you slept well!

Kim - Hope you two were able to enjoy that beautiful room!!!! And that cheese plate….that is HILARIOUS! Lifestyles of the rich and famous!!!!!

missy - room = fab
cheese plate = ridonk
t-shirt = hilarious


Penny - Wow, that room sure is something. And so is that cheese plate!! 😉
Love the pictures of Eva and her Daddy. I hope you have enjoyed yourself on this wonderful trip. Were there even any crackers with the cheese plate??

Kodi - So funny because I can relate. Olivia just passed gas twice while standing in line in the bank lobby today. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was so loud. Kids….gotta love em!!!!

Tawni - I may have to buy one of those shirts – for each of us. John and I couldn’t get over Eva. So beautiful, so sweet, so smiley. We had a wonderful time with you three. Too short though…and the mantels in those photos…breathtaking…*wink*

Melanie - I have to say that the room is beyond GREAT! I loved the story about yall being poor and then being where you are now. That is how my husband and I are today. Still the same people (kids) that laugh and have fun just being together but with a little more money:) Too funny about the cheese plate. I wouldn’t have peed my pants, I would have done the other! LOL