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2 more days

Are you ready??

I’m not.  This year has just flown by.

What a fabulous year though, no?  I have an 8 month girly this year.  How did she get to be 8 months old?  And yet, she is.  And when I look back on her newborn pictures, wow.  She was small.  She was scary.  And now she is this round ball of jolly baby, with long curly hair that says “HEY!” to everyone that passes by.  Amazing.

I have so much wrapping and cleaning to do today.  Grandparents are coming tomorrow.  Santa is coming tomorrow night…  SO much excitement.

And yet here I sit, sipping my coffee and getting inspired by guys like this that I saw on the Today show today.

All the boys in the house are still sleeping, and we even have one extra.  It’s quiet.  Well except for Eva getting into trouble here and there.  Andy is at work- I have begged him to take off early, at least tomorrow.  We’ll see.

You know what I really want to do?  Snuggle into the couch and watch movies or read all day.  Speaking of reading, I pulled out a book I read about 10 years ago to read again by Jennifer Crusie called Welcome to Temptation.  I love her books because they are usually set somewhere in Ohio (I believe she is a prof at OSU).  They are light and easy and fun to read.  Perfect.

But since my house won’t clean itself I need to get off the couch.  Here I go….

Kim - WHAT? No picture????!!!!!!!
I cannot believe that Eva is 8 months old. How is that possible? It does seem like yesterday when you two were getting to know each other in the hotel room…and she had her days and nights mixed up….and now look at her….like she’s always been apart of your life and family.
What a merry Christmas it is indeed:)

Elizabeth - I was thinking the same thing..no Eva??? sigh….:(

haley - Wow time does fly, Eva 8 months already!! Enjoy every minute its goes so fast. I have 3 boys and would love a girl! maybe one day LOL!
Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2010

Penny - Wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy the miracles and magic of the Holidays with the little ones. Take lots of pictures, you know we will all want to see them!

Kim V. - We read Welcome to Temptation for book club about three years ago. What a great and funny read! I hope you guys are having a great Christmas!