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Monthly Archives: January 2010


For those of you having a hard time picturing the lay-out of the house, I thought it might be helpful to post theView full post »


Happy Birthday Dad! Here are some pictures of your youngest Grandchild to brighten your day! We wish you guys could haveView full post »


Here a look at the scrapbook where I put my house ideas.  It is old and beat up.  It’s also primitive. JustView full post »


Taking a break on the house tour to give you a dose of cuteness Can I tell you how much I love this little stinker. View full post »


Thanks for all of the comments yesterday on the house.  In answer to a few questions… I can’t remember theView full post »


I am an old house snob.  I can admit it. Andy and I have owned two very cool old houses.  Our current house is not oneView full post »


Today I was going to start a series of before and afters with our house.  I thought it would be a fun project.  But IView full post »


Trouble Eva has discovered the dog water bowl- and she loves it.View full post »


I have not scrapbooked in 5 years.  The day I started a blog (I had one before this one), I stopped.  I just couldn&#View full post »


First off- thanks for all the great comments yesterday.  So many of you I have gotten to know due to your regularView full post »


Yesterday my friend Mikie took me out to lunch for my birthday.  I finally got to try NorthStar in my old hood.  I hadView full post »


My house sounds like a TB Ward.  And Eva just had a huge bottle, started coughing, and puked it up all over me andView full post »

A few things

are on my mind right now so I thought I would share Eva has a weird whistle at the end of her cough.  I think it is aView full post »


Yesterday was my birthday and I am requesting a do-over.  Can I do that? Eva and I have been sick with the crud thatView full post »