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Taking a break on the house tour to give you a dose of cuteness



Can I tell you how much I love this little stinker.  Even though she is pulling my hair at the moment and screaming in my ear while she tries to steal my computer.  Love love love.

Gretchen - too cute. it’s too bad Blake doesn’t love his little sister!!

Penny - What a lucky little girl to have three adoring older brothers! And lucky boys to have such a doll as a sister! You are truly blessed with all of these children. I still an amazed at how much Eva looks like her big brother!!

Elizabeth S. - too cute is right & they look so much alike!

Kristi - Hi there!! I just came over from… I don’t even know where!! I can’t remember! I’m am drooling over your renovations, they are gorgeous!! If you don’t mind, I’m going to put you on my blog roll so that I can come back to visit!! I have to, I have no idea how I got here and I would hate to miss out on future posts!!

Lori - I love the pictures of Eva and Blake. Not only do they look the most alike (the dark hair, I guess?), but they just look so sweet and natural together. You can tell how much he loves her 🙂 I love it.