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Boys and Forts.  Does you family room look like this?

IMG_5421 A big huge mess!

IMG_5422 It took them a while to get it right.  Someone or some dog kept messing it up.

After they got ready for bed it was all still like this.

IMG_5424 I told them to get it cleaned up by the time their dad got home from work- they are lucky their dad works so late.  Blake cleaned the whole thing up without any help from his little brother.

Off to Target, the oldest needs underwear!

Penny - I remember making forts with my older brother. Oh, the fun we had! I also remember when my girls would make couch forts. For some reason the cushions being off the couch would drive me nuts. I let them do it, but the entire time I would be irritated that the place was a mess. I must have hid it well, because the girls will talk about how much fun they had doing that. It looks like your boys had a great time! Did Eva get in on the fun?

Kelley - Our living room &/or basement usually looks like this too! Love the pictures.

elisa - My husbands way of taking care of the kids when I go out is always without question, letting the kids build a fort under the kitchen table. Yes…..I sometimes come home to a mess, but one thing for sure, he knows how to keep them entertained. Your baby girl is a doll. Have a great day.

cathy - go to the hardware store and get those heavy duty clips:) you will be their hero – awesome for clipping blankets to whatever.

kristen - That is the stuff of childhood memories! : )

Do you mind me asking what that fabric is that looks like it has the united states on it? I ♥ it!

Kim - Looks absolutely beautiful:)