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in memphis

headed home

I am not ready for cold weather.  50 is not 70.

When I moved from Michigan to Austin I swore I would never move back north.  But I did.

More pics of Austin

IMG_5848 Eva and her cousin Joey

IMG_5846 And with Grandad

IMG_5781 IMG_5779 And with Max

IMG_5791 IMG_5786 IMG_5805 IMG_5824 the squirrel friend


IMG_5817 IMG_5822 IMG_5829 That is it for today- more tomorrow as we drive back into northern territory!

Nancy - Awww, what sweet family pictures. I love the first one of Eva and her grandpa.
You know, it’s funny about life. I never wanted to move away from Colorado. But coming to San Diego and carving out a life of our own has been such a valuable experience for us. We have been talking a lot about what will happen next and I have to say the thought of living somewhere else before we move back to Colorado sounds good to me now too whereas before I would have been against it. I know that probably doesn’t help a lot, but I thought I would share. And trust me, you will miss snow eventually!

Dawn Morgan - Great pics Elisa!

Penny - I love the one of Eva laughing with her Granddad. Where did you live in Michigan?
That is one massive tree! Cool. I am enjoying the sun, even though it is still cold, it looks pretty.