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Time to get organized!

Organize! Yesterday I got the urge to Spring Clean.  Big time.  I loaded the car and hit Goodwill, then the Container Store for storage for gloves, hats, scarves, and all things winter that I hope to not see for another year.  I labeled them and put them all away in the laundry room.

It feels so good to get the clutter out.

Tuesdays are crazy but since the weather was warm and Cole and Blake were begging, we went to the park at the end of the street.  Which then made the push to get Austin to guitar and Blake to LAX that much crazier.  But I got them all loaded up, 4 boys and one little girl, when Blake let the dogs out.  Shiloh got in the car and we were too late to worry about getting her out so off we went.

We dropped off the LAX boys and then went to Austin’s guitar lessons.

Cole was bored in the car so climbed out the sunroof

the boy is crazy

My view from below

He took this picture while laying on the roof

When we got home I promised him we could go roller blading, back to the park

By this point (6:30) is was getting a little chilly- and I was getting a little hungry.

But the boys energy goes on and on

Love this kid

kristen - You are such a patient Mommy! I so love those photos of Cole in the sunroof.

Penny - Yes, you are a very good mommy. You seem to have unlimited energy! Lucky you. I probably would have petered out before 6:30. I love the pictures of Cole in the sunroof too. Did Shilo get to hang his head out the window?

Lori - Love your picture picks… always bright colors 🙂

Wendy - Elisa- i love your blog. I read it daily and if not always have to catch up! Where did you get all of your organizers? particularly the wood box with the drawers which I assume you covered the fronts with fabric. You live my dream. you have your own biz, stay home with your kids and blog. Love it. thanks for sharing!