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I am so loving this weather.  We are spending every possible moment outside.

But first, check out my girlfriends bedhead

20100318-IMG_6200 I found her in her crib with her shirt half off

20100318-IMG_6204 Milkaholic

20100318-IMG_6206 Cole has been playing non-stop outside and then just dropping at the end of the day.  Perfect!

Yesterday he spent a lot of time digging in the dirt.

20100318-IMG_6269 And getting dirty

20100318-IMG_6325 20100318-IMG_6326 20100318-IMG_6327 20100318-IMG_6333 20100318-IMG_6340 Boys and mud. My house is full of dirt being tracked in by boys of all ages.

20100318-IMG_6353 20100318-IMG_6376 20100318-IMG_6378

The girl likes to swing, she laughs and laughs.

20100318-IMG_6248 20100318-IMG_6250 20100318-IMG_6293

Penny - The hair, oh my! I laughed and laughed,it made my day. The pictures of Cole playing are wonderful. I can smell spring just looking at them. i had Crocus’ up in my front flower bed yesterday! Yeah!

Eva loves that swing. What a happy girl. Enjoy the beautiful weather. I hear we may have snow coming our way next week!

kristen - Her hair is beyond AWESOME! Your kids are so dang cute!

Kim - Thanks so much…your photos bring back such great memories of when my kids were little….muddy fingers and toes, a milkaholic and endless hours on the swings! Perfect.