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Got in late last night after a quick weekend away.

This one was for business but decided to let the kids tag along as well.

IMG_8157 We spent part of our time in a cute little historical town

IMG_8158 IMG_8159

The weather was perfect

IMG_8177 Lots of boating going on

IMG_8172 So many trees.  Big green trees everywhere

IMG_8175 Walking paths along the lake were a hit with the boys

IMG_8176 Nearby tennis courts meant lots of tennis balls to find

IMG_8178 Lot of boats hanging in this cove

IMG_8180 This area reminded me a lot of Fort Walton except it is on a lake instead of the ocean.  This is also a neighborhood for year round living, not vacations.


IMG_8182 happy little guy, he did not want to come home

IMG_8184 But the oldest did, he wanted to hang with friends

IMG_8186 IMG_8192 IMG_8193 Looks like a nice place to hang out right?

IMG_8194 IMG_8195 IMG_8196 This neighborhood had a little town center

IMG_8197 IMG_8199





More pics tomorrow

Missy Stephens - This is a beautiful place! Where is it?