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Father and Son Tree Removal Service

We somehow went the whole summer without working on our backyard.

But it has been a crazy summer.  We tossed around the idea of putting in a pool, but then we thought we might move, and then we decided that next year would be the pool, and finally I told Andy that I wanted to get out there and try to tackle the jungle.

We used to have a nice backyard.  But a wacky spring made everything grow like crazy and our backyard turned into a jungle.  It needs a complete overhaul.

But to start with, I wanted a few trees removed.

And that says a lot.  I usually fight for every tree.  But these trees are bad news.

I am not sure they were supposed to be trees, I think they are overgrown shrubs.IMG_4604

There are three of them.  They are half dead.  Ugly.  But worst of all, they have huge thorns all over them, and the limbs keep breaking off.

IMG_4606 The thorns are over two inches long.

So I asked Andy and the boys to cut them down, because behind them are pine trees that aren’t growing because they don’t get any light.

IMG_4607 He got one down

IMG_4609 It was a lot of work.  And the “sons” didn’t really help

IMG_4610 So I have two more that need to come down.  I think I may have to use a different company this timeIMG_4612


She still loves the hoseIMG_4600

IMG_4601 And today it is just me and her

Because these guys


Went back to school

And I miss them already


But I have tons of laundry

And a house that has to be put back together after a summer of uncertainty

Time to organize, clean, and purge!

IMG_4625 But first I am going to finish my coffee

Jodi - You make me smile. 🙂

Gretchen - the boys are adorable, I know the oldest one will hate that! hope things calm down for a bit! Eva won’t know what to do without the boys at home.

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