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When you give a 7 year old a camera

you get a lot of blurry pictures

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But that’s ok because I love them just the same

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It’s been a long blurry week, with all but Andy getting sick

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Eva had it pretty bad. Lots of crying.

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Lots of snot. Big raw nose

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Poor girl.

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And then she gave it to the boys

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The last two crack me up- shows how crazy I am after the last 7 days and how crazy she looks with crackers stuck to her mouth and snot on her nose

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Melanie - You poor thing. I am sorry that you have had a sick household. Hope all is on the mend and you can get some rest.

You look like a kid…..not old enough to have 4 children. I think that the pictures are cute even though they are blurry. Glad you posted them.

Hannah - These are awesome!