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Glorious Imperfections

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Probably the perfect description of my life.

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But we grab the moment and squeeze what we can out of it, because in a heartbeat it is gone. And new moments are upon us.

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So who cares if I am still in my workout clothes with no make-up, or if Andy has big dark circles from a major sinus infection, or Cole jumps in and makes goofy faces.

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Because when the 13 year old picks up the camera and asks to take a few pictures, we say “yes please!” so he takes three and is done, and we don’t get much to choose from. But they are all great- because they show the real life of now. This one moment that we will never get back. And it was a good one. We are tired, and sick, but Eva and Cole are twirling on the floor in happy circles of “ring around the rosie” and all is well.

And this pic, well I love it. Just. Love.

Because we look tired, but because we look happy. Because I have known this guy for almost half of my life. And I still like him 🙂 And of course the girl who so loves her daddy but also her big brother Austin for whom she was yelling “Auuuuuu-tin!!!!.

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And then there is the happiness I feel because tomorrow is date night. We are meeting friends downtown for dinner and a Blue Jackets game sans kids. And I need it. Funny how the feeling creeps up, and I send Andy a text…. and tickets appear and babysitters are lined up and I feel like a new person. I don’t know how we ever lived without date night. It’s nice to feel like someone besides “mom” for a few hours. I’m not kidding when I say I get the kiddos dinner lined up, the sitter, and I bolt out the door. BOLT! And breathe in the air of a person who is just thinking of themselves for a couple hours.

Ahhh, can’t wait.

And then it’s back to the stinkers

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Like the one that LOVES juice boxes

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she sees them and yells “ju ju ju ju!”

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And usually spills them everywhere because she insists on pulling out the straws

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But she’s pretty cute, so she gets away with a lot

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Even when she steals my cup of ice. I gave up soda a long time ago, but sometimes when I have a sore throat- well nothing sounds better than a cold diet coke. So I went to McD to get one. And of course the girlie needed the ice. She loves ice
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But she looks so funny when she pops one in her mouth

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Probably a little colder than she expected

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And of course, all is not well unless she pitches some sort of fit. It’s all part of being 1.5, right?

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Some times I feel like doing the same.

Susan/Gramma - Ten more days! Ten more Days! (but who’s counting, right??)

kristen - Thanks for this post…it was lovely.

Enjoy date night!!!

Hannah - These are great. I love little glimpses of real life…those are the pictures that you come back to and cherish.

Melanie - After 20 yrs. together, I still like my hubby too:)