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Stocking Stuffers

Because I am getting some emails asking, I just wanted to give a quick shout out that even though we closed our Elisalou shop for the holidays, our ETSY shop is still open and everything in there ships immediately.

There are a few holiday deals on there as well.

wristlet (7 of 10)

I am trying to get things added

medium pouch (7 of 10)

Pouches make awesome stocking stuffers

Laptop Sleeve (5 of 7)

I added some laptop sleeves but I think there is only one left

And speaking of laptop sleeves- someone emailed me once and told me that her house was broken into but they didn’t steal her laptop because it was in her Elisalou laptop sleeve and they had no idea a computer was in there. Love that.

iphone pouch (6 of 6)

medium pouch (9 of 10)

coin pouch (6 of 9)

I’m still adding stuff so check back!

pillow (3 of 10)

pillow (1 of 1)

pillow (9 of 10)

Melanie - I keep saying that I am going to order a IPad cover, computer sleeve, etc. and then I can’t decide what fabric. I just gave your card out to two people the other day. They loved my bag and I told them that I do too:)

Dawn Morgan - Elisa,

Does the large gamer pouch fit the DSI XL?

Thank you.