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Yearly Archives: 2011

Things on my mind

-I could never be a nurse. While I feel bad that Blake feels bad, I also feel really bad for myself because the familyView full post »


Things are weird around here. I have developed a twitch in my right eye that flairs up when I talk about moving orView full post »

Happy day after Xmas

So are you one of those people that gets bummed out the day after Christmas? All of the excitement is over. All the funView full post »

House Hunting- Chapel Hill

We have been on a few house hunting trips down to Chapel Hill, I will share more about that later. We have narrowed downView full post »

Big Changes

Soooo….. I don’t know where to even start. I am sure most of you have figured it out. We are moving. ToView full post »

iPhone Dump

Ok that wasn’t an iPhone pic, just a pic from the farm ๐Ÿ™‚ A random shot of girly when her daddy was out of townView full post »


That has been the theme around here. Last night I was barely holding it all together, all the kids were being crazy. ButView full post »

Time to get busy

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I have only put a small dent in mine. I have ideas but it’s still allView full post »

The Oldest

The oldest in our house has always been, well the oldest. And I don’t mean in age. Although I guess that is whatView full post »

Check it

Yay!!!! Yesterday my friend Nicole called me from Target and told me about a dress she saw there and she HAD to buy itView full post »

O Christmas Tree

I love how this looks like a Christmas tree. Ok, maybe just a little bit? It’s supposed to snow tonight. Are youView full post »

2 more days!

That’s all the time left you have to order if you want it by Christmas!! Don’t forget, in the Etsy shop youView full post »


A couple weeks ago we spent the weekend in N.C. There are a lot of trees in N.C. Lots and lots of trees. That is all.View full post »

As Proof

As proof that my husband has been out of town, I have a sore neck like you wouldn’t believe. This week I haveView full post »


Head over to Ali Edwards blog today for a chance to win an ipad or kindle pouch !View full post »