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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Ready to chuck my laptop across the room

Ok my whole “I am gonna learn photoshop”…. yeah whatever. I am so stinkin frustrated. It’sView full post »


This morning I was running around the house looking for my Scott Kelby CS5 book so I can finally, finally try to learnView full post »

Austin’s bathroom and Amy Butler rugs

Austin’s bathroom had the glass installed yesterday. It came together very nicely It is nice to get it knocked outView full post »

More Cotillion

Cotillion is pretty much bitter-sweet. A sneak peak into what’s waiting around the corner. It hurts my feelings aView full post »

Another bad hair day

As you might guess, we have quite a few of those around here. Eva likes her hair down. She will try very hard to pullView full post »


I lugged my big camera all the way to NYC and back and only came home with a handful of photos on my memory card. It wasView full post »


I am already starting to forget her being this small ๐Ÿ™View full post »

We have a winner!

kristen – Happy Birthday to you!! And what lovely gifts! I have wanted an Elisalou camera strap cover for I don&#View full post »

There is still time!!

If you haven’t commented below- make sure you enter if you want to win. I am not closing comments until tonight.View full post »

Birthdays and Giveaways

Yesterday was my birthday. And my friend Aimee gave me these daffodils that made me smile on a gloomy, rainy, JanuaryView full post »

Love Love Love

I keep forgetting to post this- my friend John sent it to me last week. Love it.View full post »

Unexpected Goodness

Even though yesterday started off rough- and I do mean can barely hold my eyes open rough… It got better. Once theView full post »

The girly likes shoes

Even size 11 mens shoes that belong to her stinky feet 13 year old brother. She likes to share her shoes as well ThisView full post »