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Hello 15 minutes of sun!

Can you tell I am desperate for some Vitamin D?? We had the sun pop through for about 15 minutes yesterday and we pulled out the camera by the window.

Me and E

Eva loves taking pictures of us together but my 50mm can’t focus that close up so it always gets me and not her. I kinda like the blurry imperfection of it though.


She flips the camera around to see the picture of herself after we take it


Yesterday during nap time I played around with my new Florabella actions that I bought for CS5 a couple weeks ago. I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I will not be intimidated by you Photoshop!! The two below were processed in photoshop.


This picture of her on her tippy toes makes me smile

And this one? I think he needs it on canvas in his room


elisabeth (bovagoods) - tons of vitamin d supplements flowing in our house! yea for 15 minutes!!! 😉 better than nothin’.

Angie - We are starving for the sun here too. I crave it. I love that guitar shot. My daughter plays too

Hannah - Those are very cool. I agree you need that on a canvas in his room!

meg duerksen - they are good! so pretty.
so crisp.

i miss the sun.
will it ever come back????