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Never Fails

Days away from headed out for Spring Break and someone wakes up with a fever and pukes.

Of course we assume strep throat. It’s been going around like crazy and let’s face it, our family has a history of getting strep right before we head to the beach.

So I text my friend and ask her if she will give him a strep test and rush him over (and Eva who is fascinated with medical supplies and tries to trash her office in two seconds flat)

Strep test negative. This of course is good and bad news.

Because now after the third big puke, it is slowly sinking in that this is probably the stomach flu. And all those kisses he was giving me last night, and the one he popped on my face real fast on his way to the bathroom- where he ended up puking again, well they just tell me I’m doomed. And I’m bummed because the tortilla soup I just ate was really good and if I puke it up I will never be able to eat it again.

But chances are it will hit later- just hoping before we head outta town.

In the meantime I am taking immune support vitamins from Whole Foods and lysoling the heck out of everything in sight.

Good times.

Look at that sweet little sad face.

And now he sleeps.

Lisa - Poor Cole…poor mama! Here’s hoping everyone else is able to avoid it!

elizabeths07 - Oh that’s stinks! I hope Cole feels better and you don’t it esp before your vacay! Where are you guys going for Spring Break? Watersound? Those pics from last time were so nice and area is gorgeous! Anywho hope you guys all feel better!

Susan - I hope this is a one-time thing and that everyone (!) avoids sharing it. I know how eager you are to get to some sand and sunshine – I hope you make it with everyone in A-1 shape. Good luck, Nurse Elisa.