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iPhone Dump

Since the sun doesn’t shine, I can’t take pictures. So I am going to do an iPhone dump and think about our summer trip to Texas next month. I can’t believe it is May. And it’s Cinco de Mayo!!!

That’s always a cause for celebration. Happy birthday to my two sista’s that share this awesome day. Eva and I are trying to figure out how we are gonna celebrate around a lacrosse game and a lacrosse practice. I want to hop a plane to Mexico. Anyone with me?

This is Ohio

This is Florida

Georgia Aquarium

gas- ouch

Cole hopping in the car after school, completely drenched.

Cole making us a dinner menu, the night we got to eat outside on the deck (Andy wanted zombie bunnies for Easter)

Lately she is into dressing herself

love her

birthday girl

birthday girl sleeps

13 year olds sneaking up at my friend Amy’s house


The river was full of flower petals from the trees

It took me a couple days to figure out the awful smell out my house. Turns out to be Blakes cleats in the dog shower. They have a new home on the front porch

love him

My friend Aimee dropped off clothes for Eva, she tore through the box, found this shirt and flipped out. “Here Here Here” shoving it at me to put it on her

Eva chose to mow the lawn with her little mower in just a shirt, no diaper. And the shirt was pulled down on one side. I will spare you the look from behind. This was her water break

After the lawn, she had to take out some bad guys

love her too

Blake said she likes to wear her helmet when she eats bananas in case she slips on the banana peel

Her quilt that I love

My porch that is not getting use

My sick boy

And last the naughty girl that unstraps herself and gets out

Hannah - Those are great! I have so many pictures to dump…

I gotta say, I adore that quilt! That is so cool. I am on a huge quilt kick. I want to find one for a prop.